Remembering: Death of A Bachelor Tour

Exactly a year ago Brandon and I got to experience Panic! At the Disco, live. I remember very vividly that entire weekend, and I know that I will never regret it either. It was the Thursday before the concert when I found out that Panic! At the Disco was playing in Louisville Kentucky. I had exactly three—hundred dollars in my bank account and that was barely enough to in the first set of seats, diagonal from the stage. But I knew that no matter what the seats were, Brandon would enjoy them.

I had ordered the tickets and called him that Friday while I was leaving work, at the time all of us worked at Subway together, which was exactly fifteen / twenty minutes away from where he was living at the time. Now his mom already knew that I was getting the tickets, but he still had zero clue that this was going to happen. I was schedule to work that Sunday, but we worked it out that she would come in early so I would be able to get ready.

While driving to his house that afternoon, I vividly remembering this being our conversation:

Me: “Hey what are you doing on Sunday night?”

Brandon: “Nothing”

Me: “Want to go to Louisville to see Panic! At the Disco?”

** Complete silence **

Me: “I bought the tickets, we are pretty close to the stage.”

Brandon: “Yeah!”

Now, in order to get him to go I had to fib a bit and tell him that I had a family member of mine get me a discount through her works. It would be months later when I would tell him that I paid the full price.

On Sunday around noon we set out on one of our first real adventures. As everyone knows, we would go out spontaneously at midnight to random cities, but this was our first real adventure, that was decently planned and not at 3 AM. This was before Brandon had his fancy Elantra, and before I stopped driving at night, so we set out in my Toyota, the car without shocks. It’s crazy to think that both of my Honda and Toyota could travel such long distances. They never really let me down, but I’m not going to say I miss my 1990’s vehicles… because I would be lying, I love not having a car that’s older than me.

When we got to Louisville we ate dinner at this little pizzeria called Bearno’s, I don’t know if it was because we were starving or if it was simply just that good, but their pizzas were the bomb and not super overpriced! That’s a win-win.

Now, call me sappy, but Brandon and I often talk about the first, real, moments that we realized that we cared for each other more than just friends. That night was so important to me, on the way down, we were both so excited, despite the whiplash we were getting from the Toyota. I think we listened to every Brenden Urie song he’s ever performed. When we got to our seats, which the layout confused the hell out of me, it was the first time in a long while I had been in a large crowd of people. I was so nervous that I was going to have a panic attack, but Brandon made me feel really secure. Needless to say, no panic attacks happened that night, and everything about that night just started to make sense to me.

On our way home, we ended up going over a toll bridge twice getting lost, and we even ended up in a really sketchy part of the neighborhood when my car almost broke down from not having oil in it. Eventually we made it over to Indiana, where we ate at an IHOP. We were so tired by that point, that we were putting syrup in our coffee… listen, I will justify this until I pass, but they didn’t have creamer and nobody likes black coffee. We did what we had to do.

When we finally started heading home, Brandon and I had some intimate conversations about the future and what changes we wanted to make in our lives. It was that night that Brandon and I decided to look for an apartment together, and it wasn’t that long after that I started spending my weekends over at his place. When we finally got back to his place, it was almost 6 AM. We were so tired, I am pretty sure we just slept the next day away. I often think about last April and how much has changed, for the better. Everyone always said that we would end up together, but we never believed them. Our excuse would always be that we were to similar, but as it turns out that’s what makes us so good.


So, thanks Panic! At The Disco, if it wasn’t that concert those conversations would have never happened.


Tim Hortons: Food Review

Against all odds, Brandon and I took a trip to our local Tim Hortons. Unfortunately, IMG_3693these days Brandon and I are on the go breakfast eaters. I even admit that I’ve had one too many McGriddles while on my diet. Which is the unfortunate truth, the only fast food shops that serve breakfast are McDonalds, Starbucks and Panera. Now, you know that I am a huge Panera fan, however a often as we eat breakfast out, Panera becomes way to expensive. Starbucks, I love the coffee but I’m really not into their bagged breakfast sandwiches. Which brings us to the dreaded McDonalds… A year ago, I would have told you that I would never eat anything off of their menu. I was the picky child that when my Grandparents were craving McDonalds I had to have something completely different. Now I eat McDonalds once to three times a month, depending on how busy my schedule gets.

Well, finally, we decided to try out a different breakfast spot: Tim Hortons. It’s very clear that they are a wannabe brunch location. The truth is, they aren’t. The seating area is way to small, and the loud color scheme gave me a headache. We decided, however not to judge a restaurant by its looks. When we ordered, we had a few of questions for the cashier, which happened to be the manager. We didn’t want breakfast, all the seemed to offer were donuts at that point in the day, . so, we decided to order from their lunch menu. The menu is very misleading, and so was the manager.

I ordered a Steak and Cheddar Panini, and then I asked, “Does this come with IMG_3694tomatoes or onions”, in which the manager replied, “No.” And I said, “Okay cool, I don’t like those things.” He looked at me and I started to laugh uncomfortably. I then asked if muffins were a side option, and he told me yes, so I ordered the Fruit Explosion. When it came to drink options, I had just woken up and I did need coffee. I ended up ordering an Ice Capp. What’s wrong with that order? I’m not new to the up-charging of restaurants, I’m so good at getting the best deals at fast food places that cashiers hate me. When the menu said, “you can have chips or a donut” and the manager told me that muffins were also included I didn’t expect an up charge. Again, I knew that a small Ice Capp would be an up charge, what I wasn’t expecting was to be charged for an Ice Capp Supreme, without my knowledge of the difference between them. Brandon ordered a Pretzel Turkey Bacon Grilled Bagel. Which if it’s on the hot menu, Brandon expected it to be hot – It wasn’t. The bagel wasn’t even hot. Then he was charged for a regular drink, when the meal deal is advertised as a main dish, a side dish and a drink.

Remember the bad incident at Piada? This is exactly what this was to us. We ended up paying over twenty dollars, for a meal that was not worth it. We knew as soon as they handed our food in a bag, when we said we were going to eat in that the food wasn’t going to be good. When we bit into our sandwiches, all we could think about was how sorry we felt for our stomachs. A side note, when I bit into my sandwich it had huge onions on it, and literally the only other thing on it was a slob of cheddar cheese and steak. When I bit into my muffin, there was two different types of jelly in it.

I guess the lesson we learned that day was to always read the fine print and to stop trusting managers at the restaurant.

I’m a Consultant Now!

About a year ago, one of my friends started selling Pure Romance. At the time I thought the whole company was purely sex toys. However, I agreed to host a party and little to my knowledge Pure Romance was so much more. I started falling in love with their bath and beauty line, as well as as their toy collection. A year later, here I am – a consultant!

Lately, bills have been hard to pay and all of my consultant friends have been sharing on Facebook about how they make so much money from Pure Romance. I figured, I should give it a shot as well. I am such a people person and I know that with time and dedication I could totally make this gig work!

I am currently waiting on my starter kit to come in the mail, however everyone can still order online on my Pure Romance website! Once my starter kit comes in the mail, I will be able to do my Pop The Box with all of my family and friends! That’s what gets the ball really rolling!

I am so excited to be able to have this opportunity and cannot wait to see where it leads.

Click here for my Pure Romance website!

Click here to like the Facebook page! I won’t be using my WordPress to promote the business 🙂

— S.B

The Workout Playlist

In order for me to work out, I need a great playlist that will last me throughout the hour. Since Brandon and I work out together, we have made a list of over 50 songs that help us throughout our work out. We have included songs that are made for intense workouts, as well as stretching. Trust me, songs for stretching are so important, because they help build you up before the workout, as well as, calm you down after! To make it easier for access I not only made the playlist on Google Play but on Spotify as well.

I believe our workout playlist is truly motivating seeing as it has songs for every type of workout. Our workouts last an hour, and sometimes I push myself to go twice in a day.

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 12.46.54 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-02-15 at 12.48.04 PM

what songs do you listen to when working out?

Fuji Steak House: Review

On Sunday, January 28th, Brandon and I went to eat at Fuji Steak House. Brandon IMG_3245has never experienced a Hibachi before and I’ve only been once a long time again. My experience was excellent, and I remember it being full of life. It’s something I wanted Brandon to experience too. Giving it a Google, the Hibachi grill I originally wanted to take him to, didn’t do Hibachi on Sunday. So, we settled for the closest one to us.

Out of 246 Reviews, on Google, the Fuji Steak House has four stars. Most people say it was either fantastic, or the worst. Brandon and I have been eating out long enough that we know that’s the case with every restaurant. Brandon and I only hoped that we would not be giving a bad review.

Upon entering the building, it was split up into four sections. As you enter the first thing you see is the sushi bar, to the left is a dining area, right next to the doors is a bar and to the right, through two doors is the Hibachi Grill. When entering that area, there are five squares, within each square is two grills, and eighteen seats. We were seated closest to the doors, and we were fine with waiting almost an hour before the Chef came out. The thing that most people don’t realize when going to a Hibachi Grill is that it takes time. When reading a lot of the negative comments on Google Reviews, we noticed that most people were impatient about waiting for their food. For people who don’t know, typically, before the chef comes out to cook and put on a performance, the host must fill up at least h


The Volcano

alf of the section. Which, in this case, was eight seats. Then, when the table is filled, the server must take down your order, which the Chef then must prepare. Now, not every person orders the same thing. For instance, I ordered the Hibachi chicken, and an order of fried rice, however Brandon ordered the Hibachi steak, but took the steamed rice. Someone at our table requested that their veggies only be broccoli, while another family requested only onions and mushrooms. The Chef has to portion out everything and then bring it out to cook. Those who don’t like to wait long for their food, should opt for the dining service or the sushi bar.

While the Chef is doing what he needs to do, the lunch/dinner comes with a salad served with ginger dressing and clear soup. At first I was skeptical. The only dressings I prefer is the homemade dressing at The Old Spaghetti Factory, ranch and balsamic vinaigrette. Trying out a new dressing was not up my alley. However, it was delicious. The salad, although was just lettuce, was actually really good. The clear soup made me try mushrooms, which growing up I was never a fan of. However, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I can get around a small, sliver of a mushroom, just not the big juicy ones. Once, we were finished the server was quick to remove the dirty plates and bowls from our able. We were then offered chopsticks for our meals. Not too long after, the chef came out with his cart.

Our Chef was amazing. He was polite and amusing. He didn’t do many tricks, but he did do the volcano, which was pretty cool to see. Brandon, every few minutes was laughing and to see him smile and enjoy himself like that, honestly, made me so happy. Out of everyone at the table, we were definitely, the most relaxed and took the time to just enjoy ourselves. Once he was finished cooking, the was quick to clean up his mess and was courteous to those around him.

Brandon and I took our time eating, and within ten minutes everyone around us was finished and left. Which, I personally felt was rude. Specifically, because, some of the couples that were at our table ate two bites off their plates, asked for a box, and took all the food home with them. Those same couples though, kept complaining about the wait or that they didn’t get a good seat.

Overall, I know that we will be going back to a Hibachi Grill. The service was friendly, the server, host and chef were sure to make sure that your needs were met. Throughout the whole performance, the server was walking around, making sure glasses stayed full. The host when walking in, acknowledged immediately. Don’t listen to the reviews on Google, they are very misleading. Someone posted saying, “They seat you with people you don’t know and then add gratuity to your check”. Let me just say, that it is very clear on the menu that if it is more than five people, they add 18% to ensure that the chef and serve do get tipped. It’s not uncommon for Japanese styled restaurants to do so.  Also, most hibachi’s seat you with people you don’t know. They aren’t going to just serve two or five people. They want the seats to be full.



Chicken Hibachi Dinner (or lunch): $15.95

New York Strip Steak Hibachi Dinner: $19.95

Add Hibachi Fried Rice or Noodle: $2.50

What does the Hibachi come with? “All Dinner served with Our Clear Soup, House Salad, Shrimp Appetizer. Steamed Rice and Our Finest Hibachi Vegetables” – Fuji Menu.

For more information, please visit their “website“.

I Am Not Where I Was A Year Ago

I don’t mean that as a Cliché. When you read that, don’t think, “New year, new me”; because that’s not what I am saying at all. This time last year so much had happened to me that I couldn’t comprehend it. I was stuck in a position where I couldn’t learn or grow from all the disasters that were made. Everyone around me was telling me that I was going to be okay, or that I needed to find peace, I just couldn’t.

This time last year, I had been thrown out of my home twice, assaulted, gained thirty pounds, and found no motivation to get help. Only once in my life did I ever feel so low as I did in that moment. I was sixteen years old, and my friend Hannah was telling me, “If you can’t help yourself, then nobody can help you.” Little did I know that four years later her and her family would be helping me get on my feet again.  Upon moving in with her family, her parents were able to give me some sort of hope. I was considering dropping out, and was struggling to find a job. It was her parents, and a man who works at the community college, that sat me down and was able to persuade me otherwise.  With their help and a few honorable mentions, within two months of being in their home, I was going back to therapy, and trying to work out whatever mess it was that I needed to work out.

A year ago, I had zero boundaries, I struggled with decision making. For the past two years, I was involved with a toxic relationship. Many of my friends would say it was more than toxic, it was abusive. However, I believe, to this day, that I was not healthy for him, just as he was not healthy for me. When we finally ended things, moving on was a whole new chapter. I went from always being in a relationship to finally being alone. I had no idea who I was without someone else telling me who I was.

Therapy started to show me who I could become if I just let go, and had a ‘redo’. Which is exactly what I did in May of 2017. All of that hate was released following the weekend of Easter. I had been so obsessed with always trying to make things right, that I couldn’t let myself see that the things that happened are just exactly that. My family, has struggled with the fact that I changed my name. My response to them has always been, “I changed my name, because I vowed to make myself come first. I changed my name, because I had so much hate in my life, that I needed to be able to let go. By changing my name, I have let go. I see the bigger picture and I see that there can be so much room to grow, if it’s allowed.”

When I say, “where I was a year ago, is not where I am today” it’s because I truly believe that. My first year in college, I was able to feel emotions I had never felt before. I was able to accomplish things I never thought I would ever do. I stopped being apologetic for things I no longer felt the need to feel sorry for, and I stopped validating my actions. I decided to not think twice, and just go with my first gut instinct. For the first time, I finally felt what it meant to be confident, sexy and beautiful. I don’t say anything to feel pity, because I am proud of who I am, and who I was. To want pity would mean that I would loathe, or find what has happened to me to be discouraging. In the past year, I have had so many great people come into my life and show me what it means to be family, and to be friends. I have changed for the better, and that’s all I could ever ask of myself.



P.S: Among the many moral changes, I also stopped wearing bras and I will never put on something so tight and wired ever again.

Piada: Italian Street Food Review

On Sunday afternoon Brandon and I went to Piada. Piada is known for being an Italian fast food restaurant and their slogan is, “Italian street food”. We had waited, nearly a year to go and try their food, simply because people we didn’t want to associate with people who worked there. I would constantly see how their employees behaved on Snapchat, and had zero interest in those people serving me food. However, they all ended up leaving or being fired and thus we decided it might be worth it.

When entering the restaurant, it had a huge hipster vibe. Everything from the paint color on the walls, to the dark granite flooring looked familiar as well. It was as if someone had said, “let’s take Chipotle’s idea, and make it ‘Italian’.” The menus are placed up front next to the trash cans for those to read before walking up to get their food made. Above the cashier their sign just read, “Try our new Mediterranean Power Bowl” with no indication as to how the flow of ordering food was supposed to work. It wasn’t until someone else came in behind us, looked at a menu and then went up to order that we even knew what to do.

Upon ordering our food, I made it clear to the chef (who was named Andy) that it was our first time at the fast food restaurant and we had no idea how everything worked. I went ahead and ordered the “Chef’s Favorite Piada” Which is described as, “a handmade piada filled with spicy diavolo sauce, romaine, mozzarella, sweet & spicy peppers, creamy parmesan.” Andy continued to tell me that I could add whatever choice of meat or other vegetables in it. He recommended the calamari, however did not introduce any other meat options to me, therefore I had it veggie style. When it came time to add more vegetables in, I had told him that I will take whatever he recommends, except for artichokes and onions. He then put cucumbers, sundried tomatoes, and chickpeas. He then proceeded to roll it like a burrito. Which ended up being a mix of flavors that was not enjoyable.

Brandon ordered a “Porchetta Sandwich” which is described as a “slow-roasted pork loin seasoned with Tuscan spices – porcini, rosemary, garlic and peppers. Layered on a rustic Italian roll with basil aioli, pickled red onion and fennel”. Rather, it ended up being a lackluster pile of dry and fatty pork cuts, and a mess of pickled fennel and red onion that came out of a Styrofoam container that was carelessly slopped on top. While the meat of the pork was decently seasoned—it was overwhelmed with the amount of tasteless and chewy fat. On top of that, the Chef had told us that Brandon’s meal came with a side item, he did not disclose that the side item would be at an additional cost. We found that out, only after being over charged for a side we didn’t even have.

IMG_2939.JPGI was originally going to back and order one of their ‘street food’ items to see if maybe it was just the dish that was the issue. Then when another customer, who ordered the “Porchetta Sandwich” complained about the fat, the Chef said he would make a new one and bring it to the table. As the unknown customer proceeded back to his table, Brandon witnessed the Chef take out the uneaten parts of the customer’s sandwich and put it back in the pork container. Seeing this cross contamination made me cringe and thus we decided that this place was not for us.

Overall, Piada is an overpriced, below mediocre fast food restaurant. We spent nearly $20 on just two entrees, that were not made well. We will not be going back to Piada and do not feel as though we should recommend it to any of our friends or family. Although it seems clean on the outside, witnessing the cross contamination shows that the staff does indeed cut corners, and the food itself was not made to our liking. In our opinion this place gets zero out of five stars. However, if you find that you want to try it out yourself, click the link.