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Get To Know More About Sarah With 50 Questions

1.) Full Name: Sarah Bryant

2.) Zodiac Sign: Taurus

3.) 3 Fears: Being forgotten, Going to parties, and spiders

4.) 3 things I love: Myself, my family and my friends 🙂

5.) My best friend: My editor Hypha

6.) Last Song I listened to: n/a

7.) Favorite Netflix show: Daredevil, and Degrassi

8.) Favorite childhood show: Blues Clues

9.) Favorite brand of underwear: Victoria Secrets

10.) How Many tattoos/piercings I have: I have a my ears pierced, and a belly button piercing. I also have 2 tattoos, the first on is on my right wrist (anchor) and the second is the Atlas, with the words “wanderlust” and a compass over them. My second tattoo is my favorite, mainly because I not only designed it but also got to shade in the design.

11.) The Reason I joined WordPress: To pursue a creative writing outlet

12.) How I feel right now: Pretty darn great

13.) Something I really, Really want: To fight my demons

14.) My currently relationship statues: n/a

15.) Meaning behind my URL: it was originally “blueflamingo101” because that used to my Girl Scout Camp name, It then changed to “sewilliams40” to pursue a more mature outlook, also because it happened to be my name at the time. Now it is “sebryant40” for the same reason, only different last name, because my name has since changed.

16.) My Favorite Movie(s): Rocky Horror Picture Show, Fried Green TomatoesLion King, and Rent

17.) My Favorite Song(s): Depends on the day

18.) My Favorite Band(s): Evanescence, and Panic! At the Disco.

19.) 3 things that upset me: Fighting, Arguing, and no respect.

20.) 3 thinks that make me happy: Tea in the Morning, Writing, and Bath and Body Works

21.) What I find attractive in other people: The way they treat others

22.) Someone I miss: my mother.

23.) Someone I love: Me

24.) My Relationship with my parents: I miss both of them dearly

25.) My Favorite Holiday: Halloween!

26.) My Closest Friend: Well the one who actually lives closest to me would be Brandon

27.) Celebrity I’d date: Kit Harrington (?) also Channing Tatum.

28.) A confession: I am the future guinea pig lady

29.) 3 things that annoy me easily: loud open mouth chewing, indecency, and all people before I have my cup of tea

30.) My favorite animal: FLAMINGO

31.) my pets: Alfred (Guinea Pig)

32.) one thing i’ve lied about: I once told my second grade class I was Britney Spear’s cousin (ask Shannon she knows).

33.) Something that’s  currently worrying me: What my next blog post will be

34.) An Embarrassing moment: the fact that i used to own bright, hot pink pants that had rainbows on the butt

35.) Where have I worked: Ponderosa Steak House, Kerry Toyota, Chipotle, Wendy’s, Subway, Dave and Busters, and Panera. I currently work at IHOP.

36.) Something that’s constantly on my mind: sleep

37.) 3 habits I have: falling asleep in cars, having no filter, and road rage

38.) My future goals: to just be happy

39.) something I fantasize about: going home and having a bubble bath in my soaking tub.

40.) My favorite store(s): Victoria Secrets, Bath and Body Works, and Forever 21

41.) My favorite food(s): most things but I hate hotdogs

42.) What I did yesterday: I can’t remember

43.) something i’m talented at: Being a sarcastic ass

44.) My Idea of a perfect date: PERFECTION IS NOT A THING

45.) My celebrity crush: Channing Tatum

46.) My Favorite blog(s): Obviously this one

47.) A photo of myself: Go to my Instagram page there’s plenty there

48.) Number of kids I want: That’s too far in the future

49.) Do I smoke or drink: No and yes

50.) Favorite Kentucky Team: NDA Pandas