About Me

At the age of six, I was struggling with major PTSD issues. The counselors had mentioned finding a hobby, but I barely even knew what was really going on with my personal life. Then an aunt sat me down and told me about the joys of writing. She herself was a writer, and an English teacher. Soon after that I had received my very first journal.

That is how my passion began. I was never into writing short stories, to this day it’s not really my go to option. However, I was always interested in telling my story. I wanted people to know that they weren’t alone, and that everything truly would be okay. Writing became my way of saving myself, while trying to help others.

Thirteen years later, I have had so many great opportunities because of writing. One of my favorite achievements was being Published in the winter addition of Creative Communications in 2013, as well as receiving a Silver Key Award in the Scholastic Competition, both in the genre of Poetry.

I have also had the pleasure to take the Creative Writing Course at my high school, which has helped me grow as a writer and a person. I believe it was because of that course, that it brought me back to this very blog. To continue doing what I love doing. No matter where I head in life, whether it be studying, Criminal Justice with a minor in Phycology or sitting in a small cafe contemplating life, I know that I will always have writing to get me through the day.


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