Addressing the Elephant in the Room

I’m sure most of you, by now, have noticed a few things that are different. If you haven’t noticed, on all of my social media accounts, my name has changed. Is this a prank? No, i really did go through a name change. Why? It wasn’t to be complicated or to spite anyone. I did this to make myself happier and for other personal reasons that are too complicated to explain in one blog post without backlash. Which yes, I”m trying to avoid.

So where am I now? As the spring semester of college is coming to an end, and adulthood continues to take control. I am doing fine. I have gone on many adventures, some in which I would have documented right on the blog. The most recent and favorite adventure is one with Brandon. We traveled to Louisville and got to see Panic! At the Disco. Which was really cool, and extremely life changing.

In the next six months, I will be getting my own place and starting back up the YouTube channel, that’s the goal. The new channel (here) will have more content on it, and better editing skills. I would like to start vlogging the adventures I go on and the impact that they have on me. Being a broke college student is always fun to watch.

Lastly, where does that leave the blog? The blog will always be here, and I will continue to write on it. As a writer I am currently working on my short story skills and becoming the ‘aspiring author’ I talk about. I will always be a poet, but I won’t ever be a novelist. I save that to people who have the strength for it such as Brandon and Hypha. Short stories however, I am willing to dabble in and figure out.

  • If you are confused, just remember most of my accounts (with the exception of snapchat) are my first two initials (SE) my last name (now BRYANT) and the number 40.

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