How Did You Find Out There Was No Santa Claus?

I was probably around 8 or 9 when  I stopped believing in Santa Claus. I know that some things took type for me to accept. like the tooth fairy. However, Santa Claus was one of those things that I found really suspicious.

For instance, we didn’t have a fireplace growing up, but my Aunt always kept a “special” key on the inside of the door. Saying that he was magic so on Christmas he was able to get in through the front door. Also, I had insomnia growing up, so most things would wake me up… I never heard the Reindeer.

The most significant reason I knew something was off, was probably when I was old enough to start wrapping my own presents. At some point, around the time we moved from away from Dayton, my Uncle would start asking me to wrap presents he couldn’t. Now I’d like to say no later than 10, because by age 11 I ruined Santa Claus for my little brother.

Honestly, finding out Santa wasn’t real was so long ago. I truly don’t remember all the facts.




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