A How To: White Elephant

White Elephant is a fun Christmas gift exchange game. It’s sibling game is known as the Yankee Swap. The difference between the two however is that, instead of finding someone to swap your gift with, you take it from them.

This game requires more than four people, I would recommend as little as six. Once you have your friends picked out, make sure you know each of their personalities. You want to establish rules that will not offend other players. For instance, I have made it a rule that anything offensive towards religions will not be an acceptable gift. If friends are uncertain about a gift tell them this, “This is who is coming, if you feel like your gift would cause someone to be uneasy when opening it please do not buy it.” There is a difference between rude funny and just plain rude and insulting.

In a hat or bowl put numbers on a sheet of paper. Make sure that they are folded so when people pick from the container they cannot see which number they are getting. Each number should have a twin number to the gift. Before your friends (and you) draw from the container make sure that each gift is placed in a single row. Nobody but the buyer of the gift should know what is in the gift bag or wrapping.

When the game begins, going one by one each player will have a turn. Player one will choose a number from the container. The gift with that number (the twin number) is what player one will receive. They will unwrap the gift and show everyone what they got. Player two will have the option to steal player one’s gift or open the gift identical to the number they drew. This will be the options up until the very last gift is opened.


Basic Need To know Basic Rules

The Retired Rule: Once a gift has had it’s third owner, nobody else can have that gift.

Person One: Since the very first person did not get to pick or steal a gift, they will have the opportunity at the end of the game to steal a gift from another player.

Peeking: Peeking is NOT allowed, nobody should know what other players bought. If they find out they cannot have the item they know about.

Money: The white elephant gift should not exceed over $25.00. The Gift should range from $5.00-$25.00. No more no less.



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