Thank you for the nightmares

I’ve had a few hours to let the fact that Wes Craven has passed sink in. To all of you who don’t know, Wes Craven was a screenwriter and director, some of his most famous works include Nightmare On Elms Street, Freddie Kruger, and Scream. 
Growing up I was always into Horror movies, but Wes Craven was the ultimate reason I began to fall in love with them. The way he created such a genre mesmerized me. When I typically watch a movie my logical side sinks in and tells me all the reasons that the movie is wrong, with Wes’s movies it was different, logic didn’t ever sink in and to me it made the movies seem very very real. 

When I found out he had passed away, I’m not gonna lie, it was like losing someone I had known. Mainly, because to me I felt like I knew him through his works. I know that he was battling cancer and I know when it’s time it’s time. I’m hoping he went peacefully and I’m praying for his family. 

Thank you Wes Craven for so many years of horror. 

You truly are the father of the genre.


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