The story of Leo

Random imprompt story don’t ask question.

 Leo came from a small wealthy family. He didn’t have any siblings, but he had a father who was a business turtle from New York, and his mother was a Hawaiian goddess. Him, his pap and ma all lived in a cute little sand castle on the beach of main. They were so wealthy that when Leo turned 16 he dyed his whole body, including his shell, blue. His oarents were cool with it though, because they loved their son so very much. 

One day when Leo was walking along the beaches of Maine, he came a crossed this Other turtle named George. After that day, Leo knew he was different. He found out that he was gay. This was great news for George, because George was gay too. When Leo’s family found out they were so happy for them both! His pals even called up Leo’s uncles Steve and Morgi to tell them that Leo had found his soulmate. 

Leo’s the and George would tell him all the time, “you’re the gay best friend everyone wants to have.” So with that, George and Leo got married and by age 18 they traveled the world together. They went to every beach possibly to the turtle world. Not to mention all of the exciting tourist places they got to go.  then one day they came across this state called Michigan, they loved Michigan so much they decided to live there. However, on one stormy night only a year after they moved into their beach castle, George was attacked by the mugger “Semi”. On that night, Leo changed forever. Loosing George really turned Leo’s life upside down. 

He decided that he would start moving south, away from the beaches and oceans that reminded him of George. By the age of 20, despite his criminal record, he went to rehab. He spent a year in the Ohio rehab center for animals and when he was released, he decided he’d continue his journey down south. 

When he crossed the Ohio river, he found this little commonwelalth called Kentucky. He liked Kentucky so much he had an epiphany. He decided that George would want him to be happy. So being the turtle he was, he decided that at age 21, he would be happy and do things in memory of George. Now Leo is 200 years old and has plenty of lives and stories to tell. 

The end.

This is leo:  



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